Dress comfortably, style effortlessly, adventure endlessly.

Outfit your next adventure or lounge session at Rubber Rabbit, where we’ve curated a premium selection of athleisure and active wear, striking the all-important balance between softer and softest. Blending form, function and style, our high-performance fitness apparel is the ultimate undercover agent. Perfectly disguised as everyday clothes, you can go from the gym to lunch without skipping a beat. So whether you’re lifting weights or lifting cocktails, you’ll look and feel your best in our gear.


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    Rubber Rabbit…WTH

    If you’ve run alongside a New Mexico highway or hiked a trail in the Albuquerque foothills, chances are you’ve run across our namesake and sung its praises somewhere along the way, the Rubber Rabbitbrush. What can we say about this little brush that hasn’t already been said? Sporting a uniquely whitish-grayish-green complexion and felt-like matted hairs, it brings to mind a tumbleweed clad in its nicest leisure suit. But more than just a pretty face known to thrive in harsh conditions, the Rubber Rabbit’s beauty is found well beyond the surface. An underappreciated, native citizen of New Mexico’s ecosystem, Rubber Rabbit provides food and shelter to local wildlife while helping to prevent soil erosion in its downtime with its extensive root system and dense canopy of stems and leaves.

    Naturally, we’ve taken our inspiration from the hardy Rubber Rabbitbrush…and not just because the name sounds funny. Our mission is to clothe you in the highest quality brands we can find that support your lifestyle, so while we probably can’t feed you and provide you with shelter, we can bring you beautiful active and leisure wear fashion made from sustainably sourced fabrics that are remarkably resilient and just feel good.

    Think globally, shop locally.

    As a locally owned and operated business, we’re passionate about supporting our community and our State. We want to create a unique and fun shopping experience, but we also believe in the power of fashion to transport you to new and magical places…like California and Massachusetts. That’s why we’ve handpicked a selection of brands that not only align with our values, but will meet your highest expectations for quality, function, sustainability and style.

    Rubber Rabbit in Hotel Chaco – 2000 Bellamah Ave. NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87104